What can I eat after ALL ON 4 Surgery

December 25, 2022 | ALL ON 4 Implants | Comments Off on What can I eat after ALL ON 4 Surgery

What can I eat after ALL ON 4 Surgery

Scottsdale AZ: Usually in my practice we give patients a list of food that they can eat and the timeline before the surgery. Patients after a week post surgery will start thinking about resuming their normal diet and even secretly trying to eat what they normally do. Eating is second nature and food cravings are real and I understand both as a doctor. A patient trying to eat normal food when their gums have not fully healed is taking a risk to force open the wound, and also putting forces on newly placed implants which have not been fused with the bone yet. Once patients understand this, they are a lot open to my suggestions on allowed food choice. 


Stage 1 -For the first 3 weeks, the general rule of thumb is stay with food that  requires NO  chewing and avoid spicy food until gum heals which takes about 3-4 weeks. It is better to prepare ahead of surgery day with frozen fruits, greens, protein powder, puddings, protein shakes, smooth soups,  home made bread puddings with milk and eggs, homemade blended soups and some baby food etc. 


Stage 2 – Soft food that requires minimum chewing for the next 2 months.This will minimize too much forces on the healing implants.  Soft boiled eggs, fully cooked soft fish, cooked and ground turkey, ground chicken and ground beef, pasta, noodles, soft cooked rice, blended soups. You can also continue with the food from stage 1 

Stage 3 – After 3 months You can resume normal chewing but not hard textured food like nuts, chips, bacon, jerky, hard steak, candy both hard and sticky needs to be avoided

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