Is ALL ON 4 Surgery Painful?

December 25, 2022 | ALL ON 4 Implants | Comments Off on Is ALL ON 4 Surgery Painful?

Is ALL ON 4 Surgery Painful?


Arizona:This is a default question I get during consult appointments and I think a very valid question for a patient who avoided dental treatment because of extreme fear or for those patients who have a busy work life and they are planning to get back to work after. Allon 4 surgery in general like any surgery is fraught with fear and it can be overcome through patient education on what to expect by a skilled doctor who also practices excellent pain management. It should not  be overlooked, as fear of the unknown is genuine and patients who spend hours researching on procedures which are normally perceived as painful can very well create a pain monster out of the situation. Also patients sharing their bad experiences with one doctor can influence a lot of patients waiting to get their procedure in a negative manner.

When I perform All On 4 surgeries, multiple surgical steps like extraction of all the remaining teeth, removal of infections, bone grafting, 5-6 implant placements, wound protection with growth factor membranes are steps that get stacked in one appointment. This eliminates the need for multiple appointments, frequent medication intake and minimize the overall chair time. It is rewarding to see patients walking out of the office with a new set of teeth the same day their bad teeth are pulled out. All these steps put together in one appointment is a scary thought for a lot of patients but at the same note, if i have to share patient experience as a doctor who specializes in this procedure for many number of years, I have to say that All on 4 perceived as a painful procedure is Not true.  When I see patients for the post op, I am pleasantly surprised to hear about their minimal to no pain experience. Pain is also subjective and individuals with higher pain tolerance may do well with no pain at all post operative.

Every doctor is trained differently and their pain management strategy also varies quite a bit. Patient testimonials by my  patients can be a good source to understand and appreciate the procedure and its details from a patient perspective. I have a lot of testimonials on my website from patients I treated, who were kind enough to share their surgical experience with everybody who is waiting to get this procedure done. Pl visit our website for hundreds of testimonials and google reviews.

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