Loose ALL ON 4 Implant Dentures in Scottsdale

Loose ALL ON 4 Implant Dentures in Scottsdale
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Loose ALL ON 4 Implant Dentures in Scottsdale

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Dr. Devi DDS,MS.FICOI is a Specialist (Prosthodontics & Dental Implants)

As the popularity of the ALL ON 4 treatment protocol skyrocketed, patient’s complaints about ALL ON 4 also have soared. All on 4 prosthesis gained its popularity from the fact that the teeth are 100% rigid and stable like natural dentition and once it is screwed into rigidly fixated implants, there is ultimate stability and there are absolutely zero movements. 

Loose ALL On 4 with Dislodged Cylinder

Loose ALL On 4 with Dislodged Cylinder

A poorly designed and engineered ALL ON 4 prosthesis can give patients a myriad of problems. I am going to focus on the most  common problem with ALL ON 4 Implant Dentures, which is the “loose or moving prosthesis”. Patients commonly report that fixed and stable implant denture starts to feel “loose and moving around ” when they chew. This could be due to multiple reasons:

  • loose prosthesis screws
  • broken prosthesis screws 
  • Combination of broken and loose screws
  • loose multi unit screws
  • Dislodged cylinders
  • Loose implant or implants
  • Combination of several factors

Self diagnosis of the situation should not be attempted because the problem needs to be addressed right away by an expert practitioner. What patients can do to minimize further damage is to switch their diet to very soft food that does not require chewing and contact an experienced dentist like Prosthodontist immediately. A  Prosthodontist should be able to carefully remove the prosthesis and diagnose what is wrong with it.  

Every problem is handled differently and needs a different approach. It could be as easy as tightening the screws or replacing it OR it could be changing a damaged part or recementing dislodged parts OR could be replacing a loose implant. 

In my opinion  this is a real emergency that should be dealt with immediately as it could start with a loose screw that can escalate to a broken screw in no time if patient continues to chew with it. Most important in these situation is timely management to avoid the progression to more complicated situation that could be more costly and time consuming to fix it.

 As a Prosthodontist & Implant Specialist, I have come across many patient complaints like lack of aesthetics, unpleasant smile, problems with chewing, prosthesis fracture and poor hygienic designs for  ALL ON 4 teeth, all of them leading to failures and patient dissatisfaction.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort with your dental implants or if you are not happy with the implant prosthesis, please call (480)488-9655 for a consultation, I may be able to help you. 

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