Teeth in a Day in Scottsdale

Teeth in a Day in Scottsdale
November 28, 2019 | Teeth in a Day in Scottsdale AZ | Comments Off on Teeth in a Day in Scottsdale

Teeth in a Day in Scottsdale

Teeth in a Day in ScottsdaleScottsdale AZ: The ALL on 4 treatment has been developed to maximize the use of available jaw bone and allows immediate function. The All-on-4 approach helps edentulous patient with jaw conditions that allow the placement of implants in the preexisting bone in the most effective way and to avoid extensive grafting procedures. Implants are often placed at an angle (tilted) to preserve relevant anatomical structures and to allow for placement of longer implants with good cortical anchorage in optimal positions for prosthetic support. This is followed by immediate engagement of these implants by screwing in of a full set of teeth restoring esthetics, phonetics, and function. Thus essentially this technique can be called “Teeth In a Day” and the general consensus is that fixed implant supported prostheses provide a higher degree of patient satisfaction than removable prostheses (removable dentures).

Also patients need to know that All on 4 treatment modality requires a well trained doctor or a team of doctors who can successfully perform the surgery and the restoration (HYBRID DENTURE) in a predictable manner. You can feel safe in the hands of a Prosthodontist and a Surgeon or a Prosthodontist with implant training. A prosthodontist in Scottsdale AZ is a dentist who has additional three years of university training in the restoration and replacement of missing teeth and patients are assured to receive the highest quality of treatment from a Prosthodontist like Dr.Devi at the Dental Implant Center for their implant treatment.

Why Choose Dr.Devi for your ALL ON 4 treatment:

  • Dentist with 20 years of clinical experience and specialty training on Prosthodontics and Implant Surgery. No matter how bad your mouth condition is, Dr. Devi is able to help you
  • Being proficient in Advanced restorative treatment procedures and in implant surgical techniques,  treatment is handled exclusively by Dr. Devi from start to finish – Not switching patients from offices to offices
  • Modern Technology digital cone beam, PRF
  • Digital Treatment Planning & Execution. Dr. Devi helped many patients by treating as a whole person and change their habits like smoking. You can read patient testimonials
  • Highest Quality Materials & Brand Name Implants. So you will receive the personal attention you deserve.
  • Highest Quality Labs for Prosthesis Fabrication
  • Research Based Treatment
  • Continuous Learning & Improvement
  • Dr. Devi offer free consults and your initial visit consists of meeting with Dr.Devi to understand your concerns and treatment goal.
  • Hundreds of highly satisfied patients



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