Problems with Dental Implants

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Problems with Dental Implants

Problems with Dental Implants

Scottsdale, AZ: Dental Implants have gained popularity in the last 10 years even though the technology has been around for the past 30 plus years. Currently we may have close to 200 companies worldwide making them. They are essentially the same and offers the same basic features that allows them to be used as tooth root replacement. The panacea that dental implants are virtually indestructible, decay free and problem free is a myth. These  root replacement are invisible because they stay inside the bone and gums and support the crown which can be made to mimic natural dentition. So it a beautiful concept and a practical solution for edentulism(tooth loss) AS LONG AS IT IS PLANNED AND DONE RIGHT But in reality implants are not ” Totally problem free ”.The problems with implants are many. These can be simply classified into Surgical, Restorative and Patient specific.

The surgical problems arise from not placing implant perfectly inside the bony housing by the dentist.This means there should be adequate width and height of bone to accommodate the implant. Adequate bone keeps the bone that holds the implant stays healthy for long time. Also an inexperienced dentist can cause injury to the vital structures if extreme care is not taken during surgical placement of implants

The restorative problems arise because Implants a placed in wrong angles inside the bone. Implants has to be placed in such a way so that the it can adequately support the tooth crown it is intended to support and replace. The angle of implant inside the bone dictates that and the dentist should plan this ahead of time. The angle is also controlled by the dentist by his knowledge and expertise.Also the dentist knowledge of selecting the right sized implant and fine tuning the bite forces contributes to better life of that implant and the implant crown.

The patient specific problems comes from patient habits like smoking and excessive drinking that negatively affects longevity of implants, hygiene problems that cause gum disease around the implants and finally health problems like uncontrolled diabetes and many more diseases that affects the bone metabolism.

Many of the above mentioned problems can be avoided by going to a dentist that does  CBCT scan of your jaw bone do safe and predictable guided surgery that helps to better place the implants in your jaw bone. Consider a specialists like Prosthodontists who Have additional 3 years of training in reconstructive implant dentistry, All on 4 implant prosthesis and implant supported dentures.

Dr.Devi is a Prosthodontist with masters in Implantology and her phone number is (480)488.9655. She has locations in North Scottsdale and Glendale.Please visit our website, to know more about Dr. Devi, her work and what her patients has to talk about her.

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